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KYN28A-12 Type high voltage switchgear

Product range: 0.4kV LV panels, 12kV~40.5kV switchgears and panels. Wide applications: electric power supply and distributions, metallurgy, machinery, chemical industry and etc..


Electrical Switchgears

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Kyn28a-12 armored movable AC metal enclosed switchgear is a complete set of indoor power distribution device with three-phase AC 50Hz, which is used to receive and distribute 3.6-12kv network power and control, protect and monitor the circuit. The switch cabinet has the functions of preventing misoperation of the circuit breaker, preventing the loaded trolley, preventing the live closing of the grounding switch, preventing the grounding switch from transmitting power at the grounding position and preventing it from entering the live interval, that is, the "five prevention" function for short. It can be equipped with ZN63A (VS1) and vsm1 vacuum circuit breakers, as well as imported VD4 Vacuum Circuit breakers. The altitude of the equipment can reach the altitude of 4500 M.
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