Xuguang and Chengdu Science and technology center have reached strategic cooperation and complementary advantages to accelerate the transformation of scientific and technological achievements



Recently, Xuguang and Chengdu Science and technology center jointly launched the R & D and innovation achievement transformation center. The two sides jointly promote the industrialization of scientific and technological achievements, complement each other's advantages, further integrate resources, jointly promote the implementation of projects, achieve new breakthroughs in 5g, sensors, precision processing, new ceramic materials, pulse power devices, avionics and other cooperation fields, strengthen technology leadership, and bring continuous innovation and R & D power to the company, Realize the company's business expansion and strategic resource reserve, improve the company's overall technical level, improve the company's performance growth and future sustainable development.


The two sides signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement, established an effective strategic coordination mechanism, and regularly communicated the progress of cooperation to ensure the smooth progress of cooperation.


(both parties communicate on the scientific research projects and operation management measures of the Innovation Center)