Invitation letter for 2020 Hanover Industrial Exhibition - CCPIT MSc (9)



China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Machinery Industry Branch

China Chamber of International Commerce Machinery Industry Chamber of Commerce

CCPIT Machinery Exhibition [2019] No.

Notice on Invitation to Participate in Hannover Messe 2020

All relevant units:

In order to strengthen the economic and trade cooperation and technical exchanges between my country and Europe in the field of industrial automation and electromechanical manufacturing, further develop and consolidate the European market and expand the export of electromechanical products. I will continue to organize a group to participate in the Hannover Messe in Hannover, Germany in April 2020. Relevant production enterprises and foreign trade companies are specially invited to participate in the exhibition to display and publicize the latest technology and level of my country's mechanical and electrical products, and conduct on-the-spot exchanges and trade negotiations. The relevant matters are hereby notified as follows:

1. Introduction to the exhibition:

Hannover Messe (HANNOVER MESSE) is a large-scale international industrial comprehensive exposition sponsored by the German Hannover Exhibition Company. It was founded in August 1947 and is held regularly at the Hannover International Exhibition Center every year. It is one of the important international activities in the field of business and business, leading the innovation and development of the world's industry, and is a veritable barometer of the world's industrial development. In 2019, the net exhibition area of ​​the exhibition was 227,000 square meters. More than 6,500 manufacturers from 75 countries and regions participated in the exhibition. There were 215,000 exhibitors, of which more than 80,000 were from abroad.

Hannover Messe 2020 will exhibit the fields involved in industrial transformation, with a complete industrial chain as the main line, relying on the exhibition platform, to exhibit industrial automation, power transmission and control technology, energy, digital ecosystem, industrial components and distribution. Seven themed products including contracting technology, innovative technology and future production, logistics and special exhibitor areas.

2. Exhibition information:

Exhibition name: Hannover Messe

Exhibition time: April 20-24, 2020

Exhibition cycle: once a year

Venue: Hannover International Exhibition Center

3. Scope of Exhibits:

1. Industrial automation, power transmission and control technology topics

(1) Industrial automation is divided into three levels: one is process automation, the other is factory automation, and the third is building automation. The exhibits covered by this theme include metal processing equipment, various control systems and equipment, robots, control software, control technology, etc.

(2) Electromechanical power transmission: gears and transmissions, stationary function transmission systems, automotive transmission systems, steering systems and axles, large adjustable transmissions, belt transmission and chain transmission systems, couplings, brakes and braking systems, other Power transmission components, lubricants, etc.

(3) Power transmission accessories: electric motors, electronic power transmission systems, electric drive systems, and motor protection equipment, internal combustion engines and related services.

(4) Hydraulic transmission system: hydraulic pumps, hydraulic motors, cylinders and drives, hydraulic valves, hydraulic accumulators, hydraulic components and systems, test benches, water-based hydraulics, hydraulic filters and hydraulic pipe fittings, lubrication systems and lubrication pumps; Steam pressure motors and cylinders, transformers and gas-liquid actuators; air pressure switches, hydraulic plugs and socket valves for related services, etc.

(5) Pneumatic products: air pressure valves, maintenance components, air pressure complete control components, etc.

(6) Bearing products: ball bearings, ball bearings, plane bearings and other types of bearings.

(7) Seals: throat connections, sealing devices and auxiliary equipment, etc.

2. Energy theme

The exhibits cover the entire industrial chain of new energy, from energy production to value-added, that is, from energy manufacturing, supply, transmission, to the equipment and technologies required for energy integration and storage.

3. Digital Ecosystem Theme

Exhibits include software and data management required for computer-aided design (PLM, CAD, PDM), enterprise resource control and planning (ERP), production planning and production process formulation (MRP), computer-aided manufacturing (CAM, PMS, PPC), etc. ; Programmable Controllers (PLCs) required for automated production lines; Artificial intelligence: visualization, etc.

4. Industrial parts and subcontracting technology topics

Exhibits include castings and forgings, machined and non-machined parts, auto parts, plastic and rubber parts, tool and die making, fasteners, standard parts, subcontracted parts, lightweight structural solutions, surface treatment technology, increase Material manufacturing, production and assembly services, engineering materials, procurement of complete systems, etc.

5. Innovative technologies and future production themes

Exhibits include high-tech research, innovation and development, future production, start-up companies, research and technology in applied science, forward-looking basic scientific research, transformational technologies, and more.

6. Logistics theme

The exhibits mainly involve logistics handling, logistics solutions and services.

7. Special exhibitor area theme

The exhibits mainly involve industrial parks and city displays in global commerce and markets.

4. Exhibition form:

Mainly in kind, supplemented by pictures, models, samples and multimedia videos. Standard booths can be rented for display, or raw space can be rented according to the requirements of the enterprise, and the booth can be specially decorated.

5. Charge standard:

1. Booth fee: 4,600 euros / 9 square meters, plus 20% for both sides

2. Raw space fee: 420 euros/square meter

20% for double-sided opening; 40% for three-sided opening; 60% for four-sided opening

3. Registration fee: 400 euros/unit

4. Marketing fee: 39 euros/square meter

5. Comprehensive management fee: RMB 2,000 per person

6. Fees for exhibitors: accompanying group during the exhibition period: RMB 25,500 per person

The whole journey with the group: 33500 yuan / person

Extra charge for special trip

Note: The personnel fee will be adjusted according to the exchange rate of the euro and the change of the air ticket and fuel tax, which does not include the Schengen insurance fee, the Schengen visa fee, and the visitor invitation letter fee.

7. Exhibit transportation fee (outbound): 3500 RMB/cubic meter

8. Exhibits tariffs, special props and insurance costs will be notified separately

9. The logistics theme costs need to be quoted separately, do not refer to the above costs

6. Exhibiting methods:

Exhibitors are requested to fill in the attached exhibition application form carefully, stamp it with the official seal and fax it to our association. After the exhibitor is confirmed to participate in the exhibition, please remit the booth reservation deposit of 30,000 yuan to the designated account of our association to ensure the exhibition booth.

Account name: China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Machinery Industry Branch

Account Bank: Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Beijing Lishi Road Sub-branch

Account number: 0200003609014408014

7. Contact:

Contact: Li Pengfei

Tel: 010-68523606 15232905637

Fax: 010-83275577


Q Q: 490775299


Address: 7M Floor, Building 6, District 3, Hanwei International Plaza, No. 186, South Fourth Ring West Road, Fengtai District, Beijing

Postal code: 100070

Attachment: Exhibitor Application Form and Exhibitor Instructions (on behalf of the contract)

May 9, 2019


       Exhibition application form and instructions for exhibitors (on behalf of the contract)

Exhibition Name Hannover Industrial Expo 2020
Exhibition date April 20-24, 2020 Place Hannover International Exhibition Center
Application area Standard booth _ M2 (at least _ m2); Length: m, depth: {m; Face opening
Indoor light floor _ M2 (at least _ m2); Length: m, depth: {m; Face opening
Outdoor bare ground _ M2 (at least _ m2); Length: m, depth: {m; Face opening
Exhibitors Number of persons: persons; Passport type: private □ business □
Contract amount Booth fee: RMB (including)
Personnel fee: RMB (including)
Name of exhibitor Chinese:
Exhibition exhibits Chinese:
Group display unit

Participation list

Contact person of machinery industry branch of China Council for the promotion of international trade: Li Pengfei

Telephone:010-68523606 15232905637



Cn address: 7m floor, building 6, zone 3, Hanwei International Plaza, No. 186, South Fourth Ring West Road, Fengtai District, Beijing (100070)

Account Name: Machinery Industry Branch of China Council for the promotion of international trade

Bank of deposit: Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Lishi Road, Beijing

Sub Branch Account No.: 020003609014408014

Contact person:


hand machine:



Fax box:

Q number:


mail code:

website address:

Signature of organizer:


(seal of organizer)

                           Mm / DD / yy

Signature of exhibitor:


                       (Seal of exhibitor)

                        Mm / DD / yy

Instructions for exhibitors:
1. Please remit the booth deposit to the designated account of the organizer according to the requirements of the payment notice within 5 working days from the date when the application for exhibition is confirmed by the organizer. If the exhibitor makes overdue payment, it will be deemed as abandoning the exhibition, and the organizer of the original booth has the right to make other arrangements.
2. Exhibitors shall legally participate in the exhibition and strictly abide by the regulations of the exhibition. And promise not to infringe upon the legitimate rights and interests of others (including but not limited to intellectual property rights). If losses are caused to others or the organizer due to the infringement of exhibitors, they shall bear legal liabilities independently.
3. If the exhibitor abandons or terminates the exhibition after confirming the exhibition and paying the deposit and / or exhibition fee, the deposit and / or exhibition fee will not be refunded; If losses (including but not limited to economic losses) are caused to the organizer, the organizer reserves the right to further investigate the responsibility.
4. Exhibitors are requested to make preparations in advance according to the time and requirements specified in the invitation notice and the subsequent series of notices or documents issued by the organizer.
5. If the actual allocated booth area (or form) is inconsistent with the application, the "booth confirmation letter" of the organizer shall prevail, which shall be an integral part of this contract.
6. If the exhibition is changed or cancelled due to force majeure or reasons beyond the control of the organizer and the organizer, the organizer shall not be liable for breach of contract. The corresponding consequences (including but not limited to costs, etc.) caused by force majeure shall be borne by each party.
7. Any dispute between the two parties arising from the exhibition shall be settled through friendly negotiation. If the negotiation fails, the dispute shall be submitted to the court where the organizer is located for litigation.
8. This application form and the instructions to exhibitors (on behalf of the contract) are made in duplicate, which shall have the effect of the contract after being signed and sealed by both parties. The fax copy after signature and seal has the same effect as the original.
9. Matters not covered herein shall be determined according to the specific contents of the exhibition solicitation notice and various subsequent relevant notices.

Machinery Industry Branch